If you want to see what the real and live Odessa looks like, you should explore its famous courtyards. Unique architecture, historic buildings and a lot of greenery are waiting to be enjoyed.

Bunina Street, 15

Bernardazzi is an exquisite restaurant in the heart of Odessa. It occupies a unique historical building that is more than 100 years old. The venue is principally known for its secret summer patio, hidden from the city noise and the crowds. The splendid courtyard has an extraordinary atmosphere, with cooling shade, live music, delicious food and drinks, and, of course, excellent service.

Primorsky Boulevard, 12

Dvor 12 City Cafe is one of the brightest courtyards in Odessa. With red walls, orange chairs decorating the walls, a piano, a pink “halved” unicorn. Dvor 12 is an art space, a place where a creative mood is created, and after a delicious lunch, forces appear to implement all ideas.

Preobrazhenskaya street, 34

The Pierre La Sweet Boutique cafe-confectionery is located at this address. It is located in the picturesque courtyard of the Odessa Passage, the history of which is closely connected with French culture. Walking in the Passage. It is not at all necessary to fly to Paris to experience the wonderful French atmosphere, it is enough just to walk along the Passage.

Greek street, 17

Another Odessa courtyard is the summer terrace of the Fratelli restaurant. The courtyard conveys the mood of Italian Tuscany: stone stairs, flowerpots with flowers placed on the steps, wooden tables. Italians have lived in this city since its inception, so it is not surprising that Italian cuisine has blended into the gastronomic life of Odessa. And here the point is not at all that pizza and pasta are fast, tasty and inexpensive, but rather in close values ​​and approach to food as something uniting. The ideal location for large and small Italian feasts in Odessa is the Fratelli courtyard.

Lanzheronovskaya street, 14

In the historical park of Odessa “Palais Royal” there is a terrace of the cafe “Salieri”. The square is a courtyard with a fountain, which is adjacent to the Opera House and houses facing Lanzheronovskaya, Ekaterinenskaya streets and Tchaikovsky Lane. The terrace of the Salieri café is an outdoor recreation, live music, birdsong and age-old trees in the heart of southern Palmyra.

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