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All you WANT to know about Real Estate Investments in Odessa

Payment for the services of our company’s specialists is mainly carried out in two forms:

1) Full legal support (conducting a sale and purchase transaction, real estate management, obtaining a project, etc.);

2) hourly (at established hourly rates).

Mostly we work in Odessa and Odessa region, however, if necessary, we can provide services in other regions of Ukraine.

Yes, we do. If the client wishes, we can comprehensively perform the work without your personal presence on the territory of Ukraine, constantly notifying you of the results.

Possible forms of payment: cash and bank transfer. The form of payment is established by agreement with the Client and is indicated in the contract for the provision of legal services.

Before the start of the provision of the service, all the issues that relate to the procedure for the provision of services (in particular, by stages, price and timing) are discussed with the Client. In practice, there are cases when the Client is interested in accelerating the delivery of the service for a number of reasons. In such cases, the possibility of providing the service with an accelerated time frame is negotiated with the Client (carrying out a purchase and sale transaction in 1 day, viewing real estate objects outside working hours, etc.).

Most of the facts say that buying an apartment in a new building is profitable: When signing an agreement on equity participation in construction: the price of an apartment is cheaper; it is possible to take part in creating the layout of your future apartment; selection of the best options at a lower cost; Maximum legal transparency and insurance of the transaction; Modern layout, equipment and technological solutions in a new apartment;

Secondary housing also has indisputable facts that can be decisive in choosing a new home: Affordable cost; The likelihood of having neighbors doing renovations is very low; Best location: central area of ​​Odessa; High percentage of profitability; It is more profitable to use it for rent;

In Ukraine, residential and commercial real estate can be purchased with virtually no restrictions for individuals.

Yes, in most cases you can buy real estate without leaving your home country, working remotely with our lawyers and our real estate agents. For example, to buy real estate in Ukraine, you need to make a power of attorney in your country for our specialists, as well as transfer money to a bank account. Everything else is the work of our specialists. The risk in this case is virtually zero, because we value our activities and reputation, and we always prepare a contract of order and a full report on the transaction.

Many countries of the world have concluded treaties that abolish double taxation, that is, the tax will need to be paid only in one of the countries. Taxes are paid at the location of the property. In other words, when buying a house in Ukraine, you will be taxed in Ukraine. At the moment, when buying a property, the tax for the Buyer is 1%.

This is a common practice for our company. We undertake the obligation to prepare your object for renting (carrying out repair work, concluding contracts for utilities, etc.), directly looking for tenants and signing a lease agreement. The amount of rental income depends not only on the city, but also on the specific area. For example, in the center of Odessa, the annual profit after deducting costs will be above 10% per year.

There are a number of stages inherent in any real estate purchase and sale transaction: 1. Preparation of the object for sale. 2 .. Negotiation of the terms of sale. 3. Signing a preliminary agreement or a deposit agreement. 4. Preparation and organization of the real estate purchase and sale transaction. 5. Making payment and concluding a contract for the sale of real estate. 6. Registration of the transfer of rights to the property. 7. Transfer of real estate.