Count Tolstoy’s palace

The palace of Count Tolstoy can be safely called one of the most beautiful houses in Odessa. The building was built in 1830 and is made in the style of classicism. Its architect is the famous Italian Franz Boffo. Since 1934, Tolstoy’s palace has become the House of Scientists. The mansion has survived to this day almost completely: you can see the manor itself and the art gallery. In the interiors of the palace, “D’Artagnan and the Three Musketeers” were filmed, which served as the quarters of the Louvre. Address: Sabaneev Most, 4.

House of the Barons Falz-Fein (“House with Atlanteans”)

Another treasure of Odessa is the house of the Falz-Fein barons, or, as the inhabitants of Odessa like to call it, “The House with Atlanteans”. It is considered one of the main attractions and business cards of the city. The sculptural group became the trade mark of the book publishing house “Optimum” for the book series “All Odessa”, as well as the official emblem of the World Club of Odessa citizens. The architect of the building is Lev Vlodek. Address: st. Gogol, 7.

Colonel Grigoriev’s house

Colonel Grigoriev’s house was made in the Gothic style by the architect Yuri Dmitrenko and is considered one of the most original and unique buildings in Odessa. It was here that the historic Fanconi cafe was located, which was visited by Chekhov, Kuprin, Utesov, Kataev, Paustovsky, Babel, Mayakovsky, Burliuk, Utochkin, Chaliapin and many other famous representatives of the creative elite. Address: at the corner of 15 Lanzheronovskaya and 15 Ekaterininskaya streets.

Hotel “Londonskaya”

Another visiting card of Odessa is the building in the style of the early Italian Renaissance, where the “Londonskaya” hotel is located. This is another project by Franz Boffo that he worked on from 1826 to 1828. In 1899-1900, Yuri Dmitrenko undertook the renovation of the premises. Londonskaya once hosted many famous people: Georges Simenon, Marcello Mastroianni, Oleg Yankovsky, Stanislav Govorukhin and many other stars. Address: Primorsky Boulevard, 11.

Hotel “Bristol”

The Bristol Hotel (formerly Krasnaya) is another Odessa hotel, without which it is difficult to imagine the city. The building was built from 1898 to 1899 according to the project of the architect Alexander Bernardazzi on the site of the tenement house of the merchant Naum Jurowski. The style is baroque. Theodore Dreiser, Henri Barbusse, Ivan Bunin, Vera Kholodnaya, Vladimir Vysotsky stayed here at one time. Address: st. Pushkinskaya, 15.


The mysterious Odessa building “House of the Wall” was built in 1889 and is located on Vorontsovsky Lane. The house appears flat when viewed from the side. Looking at him, you are imbued with mysticism. It is also called the “Witch House”. The mystery of the house is that it has the shape of a triangle. When it was being built, the budget ran out, and instead of the back wall, two side walls were built. The building was built in the Renaissance style. Address: Vorontsovskiy lane, 4.

House of Russov

One of the main and most discussed sights of the city is the House of A.P. Russov or A. Gaevsky’s and A. Popovsky’s Pharmacy. The four-storey house in the neo-baroque style was built in 1987-1900 by the architect L.M. Chernigov. This building, thanks to its unique architectural and decorative solutions, was immediately named one of the most beautiful in the city, and it belonged to the well-known philanthropist, honorary citizen of Odessa – A.P. Russov. Tall, slender and symmetrical, as if directed upward, the Russov House in greenish-white tones was richly decorated with external decor, on which the artist-architect V.I. Schmidt. Address: st. Sadovaya, 21.

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