“Prostranstvo (Space) Development” company and its modern approach to construction and the best choice of locations

April 12, 2021

At the end of 2018, a unique organization with a beautiful name “Space Development” (in original “Prostranstvo Development”) was created, which immediately rushed in and conquered the Odessa real estate market. At the moment, out of 17 houses, 7 have already been commissioned. The developer approached the construction of houses in a completely new way. It offers housing made according to new technologies using high quality and reliable building materials. The concept of the organization is not the construction of residential complexes in the format of urban “boxes”, but the careful organization of living space, which affects the psychological health of a person. The company’s complexes are characterized by a well-groomed territory, a courtyard without cars, zones for leisure and recreation for different age categories, and their own infrastructure.

The principles followed by “Prostranstvo Development”

In order to reduce the price of square meters to the maximum, the company intelligently optimizes all work processes. There has never been a delay in the promised home completion date. Control over the correct execution of all work is a priority. Only reliable and environmentally friendly building materials are used. Clients are offered a flexible system for paying for an apartment. Residents are given the opportunity to take part in the process of arranging public premises and the adjacent territory. All the necessary services after the introduction of a high-rise building into operation are provided by specialists who are part of the company’s staff. Modern architects take part in the work, differing in an unusual approach and creative thinking to the development of design projects.

Advantages and features of apartments from the developer

All apartments, without exception, are rented with an equipped bathroom, renovation and kitchen. You can enjoy the cosiness and comfort on the day of housewarming. A big plus is the individual ventilation system, the design of which does not allow air masses to leave the room without circulating between other apartments. All apartments have spacious terraces and large balconies where you can organize a seating area. A modern sound insulation system will help to solve the problem with noise. Functionality and aesthetic appeal are combined in design projects. Customers are provided with an economical heating system, diesel generators are installed, which are an additional source in the event of a power outage.

It’s only the beginning! We are waiting for an exclusive project in the Palais Royal (next to the Opera House).

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